Sports Spread Betting: How different is it from other sports books betting?

The benefits of sports spread betting compared to traditional betting are a lot greater in terms of tax; you do not pay commission or capital gains tax on your financial investment. The return on your initial investment can also be mammoth compared to fixed odds sports betting, but like anything there is a risk. The risks of spread betting can far outweigh other forms of betting because you can lose a lot more than your original stake or bet. The more wrong you are, the more money you can lose, the more correct your are, the larger the winnings. Click the following link to find Australian betting sites where you can try this type of betting.

How Risky Can Sports Spread Betting Actually Be?

There is a lot of information banded around about the high risk involved but it may not be as risky as you think? If you are risk averse then spread betting is most likely not for you. If you use stop losses on your account, which are advised especially if you are a new comer, you can control your extreme win or loss amounts, but it is also dependant on your spread bet. Sports Spread bets can be placed from as little as a 5 pence stake.

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Sports Betting Tips

If you do decide to partake in sports spread betting, it is important to maximise your chances of winning. Here are a number of ways that can help you with your spread bets:

  1. If just starting out, be frugal in your betting stakes and only bet on sports or events that you know well. If you know a lot about cricket and follow the sport avidly, it would be advisable to bet on a cricket match as oppose to say netball.
  2. Don’t go diving straight into it! Join a couple of the best sports spread betting bookies and create a DEMO ACCOUNT first. Familiarise your self with the system, the rules and play for fun. Once you have grasped the basics, then you can more confidently start spread betting.
  3. What ever you do, use stop losses on all your initial bets. bet wisely with low value stakes. This will limit the amount you can actually lose, as well as your win takings.
  4. Even if you play or think you know the sport, do some research. If you are betting on how many throw ins there will be through out a football match, look who is playing – are there wingers on both attacks, is the pitch affected by weather.