There are those who have bank balance and they curb their hunger for gambling by betting their money on the online casino games, whereas, on the other side there are those who have the need for gambling but they lack the money to play in an online casino. For those who don’t have the money to play in online casinos, or those who are new and want to understand how casinos work without initial spending, Playtech brings the free play time offer for its online casinos.

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Playtech casinos free play time offer is where the players are provided free time to play the games without any initial deposit. The lines below give a brief detail of what Playtech casinos free play time is and how it works.

Free Play Time:

Usually to play in an online casino you will have to deposit an initial wager after that you can place your bets and play the game. However, for those who want to understand the game or who don’t want to bet unless they know what they are getting into, Playtech brings free play time where the new player has a specific time within which he or she can play without any initial deposit and earn winnings in addition to understanding the game as well.

The Two Types:

User are offered two kinds of promotion. The first one is the free play time in which the users are given hours within which they can play the game and secondly it is the cash bonus that is given to player upon first registration. Depending upon what the casino offers the players can either play for time or play with cash as a promotional bonus.

How it Works:

The players are offered a redeem coupon number which they can use after their registration to get free play time. The free Playtech casinos free play time varies from games to games and comes with its conditions as well, therefore, make sure that you read the conditions before playing the free time.